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Privacy Policy:
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Refund Policy
Defective Products
Art, Photography, DVDs, CDs, cards, etc.: Any defective products you receive will be replaced. Please read below and check with us; you may not have to send your package back.

Remember most of our DVDs and all CDs are silent; make sure they are defective before returning (no video image on videos, for instance) before returning. Be sure the sound is on a good, loud (but not distorting volume) on a good quality DVD player or computer. Do not compress or play on MP3, Quicktime, or other compression software as compression removes virtually all benefits. Use software that plays high-quality DVDs or music with good quality speakers. When in doubt, run the DVD or CD on a good sound system for a full day or so. If you still notice nothing, return for exchange.

Art prints, mounted photographs, etc. that arrive damaged: if package is damaged, let us know [they are shipped insured].

Printing defects: call us at 747-333-8403. These are replaced by our printer; they may simply send you a new one and you may not need to ship the defective one back.

Personal/ Business Consultations/ Appointments
Sorry, these are not refundable.

Defective Downloads:
Email us; we'll send you a new link to re-download the item. If you continue to have trouble, you might consider purchasing a CD/DVD version. if so, we will happily deduct the amount you already paid from the item's price— plus we'll ship it to you free.

For fastest exchange, call 747-333-8403 or email us to alert us about the exchange; this will allow us time to make sure a replacement is available to ship as soon as the defective one arrives. If we ask you to, then send the defective item with your printed order confirmation (probably an email) to:

David Adelson
269 South Beverly Drive 820
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

I, David Adelson, am not a doctor, lawyer, legally 15 feet tall, or capable of leaping tall bushes in a single bound. However, I can see frequencies, read your akashic records, connect you to Divine Mother, give you insights and more. I work by connecting you to Divine frequencies at the highest Divine Realms and above. Working with subtle frequencies, Divine Love, Divine Mother, unbounded energy flows to you to clear, balance, restore wholeness in any area of life you perceive problems. Because I see the underlying currents of awareness moving, becoming, often information comes as I describe what I see to you/ what Mother Divine is showing me. (Sometimes She hides.) Plus I have created really cool art/ photography, CDs / DVDs and more you can use to bring joy, balance, wholeness, unity, and more into your life. You are, however, your own responsibility. I may tell you to dance like a chicken to help heal you, but it's up to you whether you do that or not. Modern medicine has its flaws, but it kept my son and father alive for many more years than otherwise. Count on legally-licensed professionals, your own physicians, healers, chiropractors, lawyers, etc.; all professionals you honor, your own feelings and judgement. I promise to do the best I can for you, but in the end, everyone is their own responsibility. I honor that it's your life, so of course it's up to you what you do with it: Whether you enjoy and are healthy, experience pain and are sickly, it's up to you. Legally, I have to say something about me not diagnosing, prescribing, healing, curing, or preventing any disease or condition. And I don't.



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